CRM Integration

We have created a special CRM plugin, which will automate integration using one-click authentication. AdTopus will read the data and analyse without storing any single record. In AdTopus we treat data as your private and do not store anything on the Cloud. AdTopus only calculates score and segmentation. You can also go live with your data by using CRM enrichment.

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Lead Scoring

AdTopus uses Artificial Intelligence to score your leads by how well they fit your company’s conversion patterns. Using our unique AI engine, AdTopus is prioritising leads by importance based on many predefined factors and suited to your business. We can identify which fields influence the score most. By defining your ideal customer, we help sales teams understand whom to contact first and how to offer more personalized approach.

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Lead Insights/Clustering

AdTopus uses Artificial Intelligence to segment your leads by a variety of factors including job title, industry, age, etc. AdTopus provides insights by analysing thousands of signals across the web and data collected from partner API-s. Our AI engine can segment customers based on many more variables than a human being ever could. It’s not unusual for two clusters to be different on 30 customer dimensions or more. We call them the Cluster DNA.

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