ADTOPUS helps sales teams
increase sales through
Predictive Analytics

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AdTopus improved the service quality we provide our customers.

Valeri Kozarev


As our sales and marketing efforts scaled up, our team was quickly overwhelmed with the quantity of leads and opportunities. We created AdTopus as a way to keep our sales team focused on the highest value opportunities.

Albert Stepanyan


AdTopus helps us understand our B2B customers and their needs.

Alfonso Lomeli


How it works

CRM Integration

We integrate directly with your CRM. Currently we are operational with Insightly, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce.


AdTopus will enrich your prospects with relevant company information, social profiles and contacts.

Based on criteria that we define together, AdTopus will segment your customers into useful and meaningful groups.

Lead Scoring

Based on the enriched data and criteria we gather about your target prospects, we are able to score each lead on a variety of criteria.

With AdTopus, you will always know who your highest value prospects are so you can generate more sales in less time

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